Disclaimer and acknowledgements

All your actions with your phone are at your own risk; the author of this ROM is not liable.

This ROM is compiled from CyanogenMod 12.1 sources with own modifications (which are open-sourced on GitHub). I’d like to acknowledge the following people for their respective efforts:

  • @axet and @fire855 for the general MTK porting efforts
  • @DerTeufel for the information regarding to the MTK GPS implementation


  • 2015/10/06 17:15 First (translated) release

Bugs fixed since last release

  • Added incremental (not block-based, however) OTA package
  • Fixed some SIM cards not being recognized and FDD baseband not working
  • Fixed being unable to initialize Wi-Fi hotspot (kludgy; more elegant solution pending)
  • Fixed PLMN name UNICOM not being correctly localized as China Unicom
  • Fixed Trebuchet crashing on long-pressing app icon when quick search bar is not present
  • Fixed LTE being not selectable as preferred network in Settings app

Known bugs and limitations

  • FDD baseband cannot attach to UMTS networks
  • Proximity sensor not properly working in some circumstances
  • Unable to revert from setting USB option to Charging-only
  • Audio is not properly re-routed on connecting Bluetooth audio
  • Unable to pair with some Bluetooth (BLE?) devices
  • FLAC decoding and playback is not supported
  • etc.


Currently only builds for Android edition MX4 are available, but phones of the Ubuntu Edition should be compatible too.


# MD5
acb1a59defa33c675d5f6ae7ffdf6b8e  cm-12.1-20151005-UNOFFICIAL-mx4-fixedboot-signed.zip
14c2f1c6725c077d5e42d33384600a74  ota-mx4-20150930-20151005-fixedscript-signed.zip

# SHA-1
c6087bcef198d43a6f5d82ffe14d0f5e6f203610  cm-12.1-20151005-UNOFFICIAL-mx4-fixedboot-signed.zip
36abce0adfc89d497f2c2f1245724468be09b85a  ota-mx4-20150930-20151005-fixedscript-signed.zip

# SHA-256
2ab8dc425a0efc9bceb3159695ca24ab4bc258f6b4d38c69fe6d60c248876cd8  cm-12.1-20151005-UNOFFICIAL-mx4-fixedboot-signed.zip
3a1d80beace4ad74564fcdc5850a1c6d0a92cc551e208dc8b46946e6eb86cffc  ota-mx4-20150930-20151005-fixedscript-signed.zip

# SHA-512
f23864225f2a98f326040cea86572fae94b27f6f8a7b6b283a44dcf5cb6daf4d4e7fd28fb80d249ab4ff9c35714ab54f72642afeead04f8c889f6a4bc5802840  cm-12.1-20151005-UNOFFICIAL-mx4-fixedboot-signed.zip
4be527b5e96f0cae07c9f110612045a79291e304c07f37c1c745d719afc83bf0a19e218b7bf36c67f0ad12791ebc3f754db309ecccd16b7a4355981dc9e800cd  ota-mx4-20150930-20151005-fixedscript-signed.zip


You need to have your Meizu MX4 unlocked, the tutorial can be found [here][unlocking-tutorial]. After unlocking just flash as usual; remember to wipe your /data partition if you’re coming from Flyme or Ubuntu Touch or generally any incompatible system.

[unlocking-tutorial]: http://forum.xda-developers.com/meizu-mx/general/tutorial-bootloader-unlocking-mx4-m1-t3201715)


  • Cellular network
    • There may well be no signal at first boot, please toggle on and off flight mode for the telephony component to re-initialize itself.
  • more to come later


I do Android porting mainly for personal use and fun, but as a matter of fact I sometimes find myself struggling to achieve the standards I strive for, as a graduate student still learning his way into the industry and having things to take care of besides coding. If you appreciate my work, please kindly consider donating something equivalent to a beer or two. I will use the donations to support my porting work and studies. PayPal and Alipay payments are accepted:

  • PayPal/Alipay: idontknw.wang@gmail.com