Disclaimer and acknowledgements

All your actions with your phone are at your own risk; the author of this ROM is not liable.

This ROM is compiled from CyanogenMod 12.1 sources with own modifications (which are open-sourced on GitHub). I’d like to acknowledge the following people for their respective efforts:

  • kirill8000 and kkk4 for unlocking bootloader of ordinary MX4’s
  • @axet and @fire855 for the general MTK porting efforts
  • @DerTeufel for the information regarding to the MTK GPS implementation
  • cofface’s CWM recovery
  • Daxiaamu’s one-key bootloader unlocking app (in Chinese)
  • Bugfixes and various contributions from @ccfxny (Weibo, GitHub)

Announcement changelog

NOTE: All times in this announcement are UTC+8.

  • 2016/02/25 05:00 First (translated) release

Changes since last release

This is a fairly small release with only blob updates and upstream framework updates; however it’s been a long time since the last English post, so I’d introduce the changes in the meantime also.

  • Add Synced with upstream sources as of 2016/02/18
  • Add Blobs and prebuilt kernel synced to Flyme (thanks to @ccfxny)


  • Add Double-tap to wake and Prevent accidental wake-up (find under Display & lights)
  • Fix Some SIM cards not being recognized
  • Fix Some videos crashing app when played
  • Fix Bluetooth audio
  • Fix Unable to connect with some Bluetooth devices
  • Fix Step counter couldn’t be accessed sometimes
  • Fix Wakelocks statistics not available


  • Fix Power-off charging animation not displaying correctly
  • Fix Proximity sensor and tap-to-wake broken after ending a call; fixed by re-calibrating proximity sensor every time a call ends. Please don’t cover the proximity sensor or otherwise put anything close to the sensor at the end of a call.
  • Fix USB charge only option is fixed. According to test, the UI may get stuck if you switch back from charge only; re-plugging the USB cable would fix it. Thanks to @ccfxny for the fix!


  • Fix Bluetooth regression (thanks to @ccfxny!)
  • Fix Intermittent DHCP failures over WiFi
  • Fix Factory reset no longer wipes internal storage; actually this got fixed some time ago but not tested until this version
  • Add Switched libui.so to compiled version
  • Remove No longer integrating Xposed due to some users reporting decreased stability. Please flash it yourself if you truly feel the need.

Known bugs and limitations

  • Some people may find the minimum volume to be too high. This is due to bad defaults pre-set by MTK; you can fix it yourself by entering MTK’s engineer mode (dialing *#*#ENGMODE#*#*) in Flyme (the engineer mode is too invasive to be ported), swiping to the Hardware tab then Audio item, after that select the Media mode and manually toggle each level’s hardware output level. Pretty terrible UI but at least things can be fixed.)
  • Some users may have to toggle flight mode to restore cellular connectivity on reboot
  • Some users are unable to auto-configure their SMSC numbers
  • Some large apps can’t be installed causing crash
  • etc.




For MX4 Ubuntu Edition users, your bootloaders are already unlocked, so just flash the stock recovery provided and proceed. (3rd-party recoveries may be provided by some other people; I myself have no time for that. Graphics was broken at my last attempt to do this.)

For users of ordinary version of Meizu MX4, you need to have your bootloader unlocked, the tutorial can be found [here][unlocking-tutorial]. After unlocking just flash as usual; remember to wipe your /data partition if you’re coming from Flyme or Ubuntu Touch or generally any incompatible system.

[unlocking-tutorial]: http://forum.xda-developers.com/meizu-mx/general/tutorial-bootloader-unlocking-mx4-m1-t3201715)


  • Cellular network
    • There may well be no signal at first boot, please toggle on and off flight mode for the telephony component to re-initialize itself.
    • SIM card may also go unrecognized after reboot, just do the same and the problem should hopefully disappear.
  • more to come later


I do Android porting mainly for personal use and fun, but as a matter of fact I sometimes find myself struggling to achieve the standards I strive for, as a graduate student still learning his way into the industry and having things to take care of besides coding. If you appreciate my work, please kindly consider donating something equivalent to a beer or two. I will use the donations to support my porting work and studies. PayPal and Alipay payments are accepted:

  • PayPal/Alipay: idontknw.wang@gmail.com